Let The Beat Drop~A Review

I really enjoyed Let the Beat Drop by Cheri Ritz. This is a New Adult romance about two young women who meet up again after circumstances force both to their childhood homes at the same time. Sadie’s rock band breaks up and she loses her apartment while Jess is home from grad school for the summer. The two haven’t seen each other since high school. They weren’t close then, but there is an almost instant attraction when they meet again. Unfortunately there is a secret that may keep them apart.

This is Ms. Ritz’s second novel, and I’m really pleased to say that I can see a definite improvement in her writing. Her characters are well-developed, especially her secondary characters, which I mentioned as a weakness in her first book. In fact, I really connected with her secondary characters. They made the story for me. This is probably because I’m closer in age to those characters than I am to the mains, but I believe it’s also due to how well she created these folks. She did a clever job with the secret that runs through the plot and causes most of the angst between Sadie and Jess. Ms. Ritz gave little hints all the way through the story, but never enough for me to figure it out until near the end. In fact, I never actually figured it out. One of the minor characters had to tell me in the tale. Some detective I am!

The romance is adorable, and perfect for the target age group this book is written for. I wish there had been more books like this when I was young, but I’m glad to see them now.

This is a really nice New Adult romance that would be ideal for adults in their twenties. Even though I am definitely not in that age group, I had fun reading this story, and I recommend it to all who are young at heart.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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