Home ~ A Review

“This story is adorable!” This is the sentence I kept repeating to myself and everyone around me as I read Home by Kris Bryant. In fact, I said it so often to my wife, that she began to answer with, “Yes, Dear, I know,” in that distracted tone that says she’s heard this many times already.

Home is a heartwarming second-chance-at-love romance. It is the type of novel that you want to read when you are having a bad day (or year). The writing is excellent, of course. Ms. Bryant is the author after all. I fell in love with Natalie and Sarah, the main characters almost immediately, and when Harley, (Sarah’s six-year-old daughter) and Henry, (the golden retriever) appeared in the story, I was hooked. This is a pure romance with only a little angst in the tale. The setting is a small town in Oregon, and sort of fits into the universe of a couple of Ms. Bryant’s other novels.

The author tells us in the acknowledgements that this was originally supposed to be a holiday novella, but like many novellas, it wouldn’t let her stop until it became a short novel. I’m quite happy with that since it gave me more time with these delightful characters and story. It is an easy and quick read though; the perfect length to brighten your day. I also liked the little surprise she gave us at the end of the book. I will let you find out what that is when you read it.

I do want to mention the wonderful cover to this book. I would have gotten this novel for the cover alone. It is absolutely gorgeous. Toni Whitaker of Deb B. ebook Designs created this cover and deserves a huge pat on the back for such a great job.

This book certainly brightened my day when I read it, so I can recommend it to anyone who needs a little boost.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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