Renegade’s War~A Review

Renegade’s War by Gun Brooke is an interesting dystopian/speculative fiction/romance novel set on what I would call an alt-Earth. It is very similar to our world with democratic style governments as well as at least one very repressive dictatorship. The renegades or Tallawens are fighting an underground war with Klowdyn, the repressive regime. Their mission is to help dissidents escape Klowdyn. On one of these missions, Aurelia DeCallum (the leader of the Tallawens) and her crew find a woman badly beaten and take her back to their camp. When she wakes, the woman has amnesia, remembering that her name is Blue, but little else. Thus begins an adventure and a possible romance that could lead to happiness or disaster for Aurelia, Blue, and the rest of the renegades.

Ms. Brooke has written an adventure story that is close enough to our world to feel familiar in many ways. The idea of a government like Klowdyn is rather frightening, since it is so easy to see examples of this regime in real life. Not only did Ms. Brooke do an excellent job with world building, she created characters that are well developed and easy to connect with. I especially liked how she handled Blue as she lives with the Tallawens and then the angst she has to go through as her memory returns.

I’ve liked every book I’ve read so far by Ms. Brooke, and this one is a definite addition to that list. This story is filled with action, adventure, romance, and intrigue. If you like books with all of those elements that are set in a dystopian alt world, then you want to read this novel. I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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