The Sea Within~A Review

This is an amazing book. The Sea Within by Missouri Vaun is an exciting dystopian adventure and romance that will have you reading on the edge of your seat.

The story is set close to a hundred years in the future where mankind has continued to ignore the warnings and the evidence of how we are destroying this planet, and now the extinction event is in sight. The oceans are dying, and as the oceans go, so will the rest of the planet including humans. Ms. Vaun gives us a more realistic version of these events than some other novels in this genre. She shows how humans turn a blind eye as plants and animals disappear, weather becomes more erratic, fires and floods become everyday events, and the air becomes dangerous to breathe. Sound familiar? Perhaps unsurprisingly, people just adjust to what is happening around them. They continue to work and live through all the upheaval. There are some, however, who are trying to find a way to stop the inevitable catastrophe, including Dr. Elle Graham and Captain Jackson Drake. Together with a small crew, they plan to travel back in time to an era before modern man to hopefully find a cure for the dying ocean. Unfortunately, not everyone wants them to be successful.

Ms. Vaun has created a vivid and exciting book filled with adventure, love, and danger. Her descriptions of both time periods are excellent, and makes the reader feel as though they are right there with the characters; seeing, feeling, smelling and touching everything that Elle and Jackson do. I’ve said before that Ms. Vaun is astounding at using descriptions in her novels, and this book just adds more evidence to that statement. She has obviously done her homework on what our future may hold if we don’t change our ways, and that gives this book a frightening undertone. What she writes about the environment in this novel could very well happen if we don’t change our ways.

This is a gripping speculative fiction adventure story with a beautiful romance woven into the tale. I loved the whole book and recommend it to everyone.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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