A Heart To Trust~A Review

A Heart to Trust by A.L. Brooks is a fairly low angst, slow-burn romance that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Ms. Brooks is one of those authors whose books I will automatically request even without looking at the blurb. She is such a consistently skilled author that I just grab her books when I see them.  I was certainly not disappointed with this novel.

This is a workplace romance since the characters meet and have to work together when the companies they’re employed with are combined through a takeover. Most of the conflict in the story happens because the two main characters, Jenny Quinn and Olivia Sinclair, along with a couple of fellow employees must compete for three permanent job openings. The fourth employee will be let go. Most of the angst in the tale happens through the budding romance between the two main characters and involves trust issues both characters have.

The story is excellent. The characters are well written, and I connected with both main characters quickly. Jenny is a former secondary character in another novel by Ms. Brooks called The Long Shot, and it was great seeing her and a few other characters from that novel. It’s always nice to see how some of our other favorite characters from other novels are doing.

A Heart to Trust is a beautifully sweet and easy to read love story that I think those of you who love to read romance will enjoy. I certainly had fun reading it.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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