Treacherous Seas~A Review

Treacherous Seas by Radclyffe is the eighth novel in her well-loved Provincetown Tales series. This is the first book the author has written in this series in several years, and it has been much anticipated by her many fans, including myself.

This is the story of rookie cop Andy Champlain and physician assistant Laurel Winter. Both are working summer jobs in Provincetown when they meet. The chemistry is electric from that first moment, but there are things that could tear them apart, including their pasts. We also get to see many old friends from past novels in the series, including Chief Reese Conlon and her wife Dr. Tory King. Tory is expecting again, and Reese was planning on some family leave time for the wonderful event, but all that may change when a cruise ship appears in the harbor with a possible outbreak of a mysterious virus.

In many ways, this novel is like a visit with old friends since the reader gets to see many characters from past books in the series. I’ve always loved that kind of continued story. Of course we have two new and really likeable main characters in this book. I enjoyed watching the romance build between Andy and Laurel. It’s an age gap romance and fits very well into the tale. The mystery and possible danger of the virus on the cruise ship keeps everyone busy. There’s actually a lot of action around both couples, and that keeps the excitement level up for the reader.

I loved the setting, the main characters, the romance, and the feeling of coming home again with well-loved characters. The story itself is entertaining and well worth reading. You could read this book as a standalone, but once you have read it, you are going to want to read every other book in this series. I see no problem with this since they are all awesome novels.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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