The Holiday Treatment~A Review

Oh my gosh, The Holiday Treatment by Elle Spencer is one of the most delightful, uplifting, and hilariously funny novels I have read all year! It is a snarky, witty, sexy story that will leave you laughing and maybe even shedding a few tears as you read.

The story revolves around two women who both work for the Wifetime Channel. Holly Hudson is the writer for one of their most popular Christmas programs, but her most fervent wish is to write a Gay Christmas movie for the channel, something that has never been done before. She may get her chance when Meredith Drake joins the holiday division. Unfortunately, that also means the budding relationship the two women started over the Christmas holidays will have to end because of company policy.

Holly and Meredith’s love story is not all hearts and flowers and sex. There is also the angst, misunderstandings, and heartache we always see in a good romantic comedy. The three major settings in this tale (Hawaii, L.A., and Christmas Cove, Vermont) are perfect for the tale. The main characters are loveable, the secondary characters are larger than life, and the romance is the kind that makes you smile and go aww as you sniffle a few times and reach for a tissue.

This is an easy to read, enjoyable, holiday related romantic comedy that is perfect to cuddle up with this time of year…especially this year. I totally enjoyed this novel, and I hope you will too. I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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