The Other Women~A Review

Erin Zak is one of my favorite authors. I’ve never been disappointed in her novels, and this includes her current story, The Other Women.

This is a love triangle between three women: Cecily Yates, Willow Carmichael, and Francesca Lopez. Obviously with such a triangle, there is going to be a lot of heartbreak, guilt, and jealously in the story, especially since Cecily is also married, though she is starting the process of separating from and divorcing her husband.

Ms. Zak is an expert at writing books filled with angst. She had me in tears reading her last novel, and I came pretty close to that a couple of times with this one. Her characters are realistic and easy to connect with. The secondary characters in this tale are also well developed, and help to lighten the tale somewhat. The romance between Cecily and Francesca is both intense and sweet, even though you can see the possible disaster looming in their future.

Overall, this is a very emotional, angst filled romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. If you love to read passionate, angst filled romances, I believe you will also like this novel.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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