Wendy of The Wallops~A Review

Wendy of the Wallops by Gill McKnight is the second book in the Wallops series. This is also the second edition of this novel with some additions added to the original story. Even though this is the second book in the series, I believe you could read this novel first since it is a complete story itself. Those who have read the first book, however, will be able to recognize many characters they met in the first novel.

This is Wendy Goodall’s story. She is a community police officer for the Wallops area, and in this tale, she is working with a witness protection task force. She ends up volunteering as a Guide in the local Girl Guides to protect Lexi, a young girl who may become a pawn of some unsavory characters trying to stop Lexi’s father from ratting them out. This is how Wendy meets Kiera Minsk, the leader of the Wallops Girl Guides. Thus begins an exciting tale of adventure, comedy, and romance.

Ms. McKnight has written a really interesting tale for this second book in the series. The characters (many of them introduced in the first book) are well written. I connected with Wendy very quickly. The children in the story grabbed hold of my heart immediately. It took me a bit longer to connect with Kiera, but I eventually did. The Wallops sounds like a wonderful place to live. The adventure/mystery portion of the story is actually quite exciting.

I enjoyed seeing Wendy grow and mature during the story. She was quite the pushover at the beginning, and many of the secondary characters took advantage of her. In fact, that was one of the few things I had a problem with. Some characters who are supposed to be close friends, co-workers, and even family did not treat Wendy very well at times. It was good to see her begin to stand up for herself through the story.

If you enjoy a good, romantic comedy with some mystery, adventure, and lots of British humor, then check this book out.

I received an ARC from Dirt Road Books for an honest review.


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