Liberty Bay~A Review

Liberty Bay by Karis Walsh is a gentle and easy to read romance. It’s just thing I needed to read considering what is going on in real life lately.

The author gave this story the perfect setting, a horse farm located near a small town in Northwest Washington State. The description of this place alone drew me to the story and made me want to go there in real life.

The characters kind of remind me of the old fairy tale about the city mouse and the country mouse. Gina Strickland is the city mouse character since her goal in life is to live in Seattle and make her living being an internet/blog personality. Her life revolves around high tech. When her real identity is posted online by a stalker, she has to retreat to Wren Lindley’s horse farm until the stalker is caught. Wren (the country mouse character) hates anything to do with high tech, but the there is an almost instant attraction between the two women, even as they both try to resist it. How could these two very different people fall in love?

I connected with these characters quickly. I enjoyed how they interacted with each other, especially their conversations. They had this gentle teasing quality as they communicated that was just adorable and often funny. It helped them to be more realistic in the tale, and made the overall story more entertaining.

I really enjoyed reading this lovely romance. If you need a novel that will give you a little break from reality and take you into a beautiful world with a sweet romantic tale, then try this book.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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