Spirit of The Law~A Review

When I choose a book by Carsen Taite, I’m used to getting a great story that is often focused on lawyers and their work, with an engaging romance added to the mix. I do not expect to have any part of the paranormal genre as part of the tale, but that’s exactly what we get with Spirit of the Law. I was definitely surprised, but it was a really good surprise. In fact, I loved this book.

Summer Byrne and Owen Lassiter have a rocky beginning when Summer ends up as the forewoman to a jury that ended prosecutor Owen’s perfect winning streak in the courtroom, especially after Owen finds out Summer supposedly has psychic powers. Owen becomes even more upset when her boss tells her to hire Summer as a consultant to an important murder trial. Owen doesn’t believe in any of this psychic mumbo jumbo. She really doesn’t, but she can’t seem to get Summer out of her head…and maybe her heart.

I fell in love with Summer, Owen, and even Summer’s daughter Faith and grandmother Nan, almost immediately. Ms. Taite did an excellent job of character development with all of the characters in this book. They were easy to connect with, and for a character reader like myself, that is very important. The story is a mixture of a law-based mystery and intrigue mixed with a beautiful romance, with just a touch of the paranormal added in. This mixture turns out to be a perfect Carsen Taite mystery/love story.

This is a fairly quick and easy read with only a little angst; just enough to make the story even more interesting. The only real critique I have with the book is I would have loved to see more of Summer and Owen together, and maybe a bit more of their past histories. That should tell you how much I enjoyed the novel.

If you are looking for an exceptional story written by an excellent mystery and romance author, then check out Spirit of the Law. I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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