Femme Like Her~A Review

I am a character reader, especially with romance novels. If I’m going to enjoy a book, it better have well-developed characters with lots of great chemistry. Luckily, I’ve read enough of Fiona Zedde’s stories to know I would love the inhabitants of her latest book, Femme Like Her, and I did love both the people in it and the story.

This tale is told in First Person POV through the eyes of Nailah Grant, the central figure in the story. Nailah is going through a few life changes when she meets Scottie in a bar. The chemistry is definitely there, but Scottie is a fellow femme, and Nailah doesn’t date femmes. Scottie doesn’t seem to take no for an answer though, and thus begins a steamy love story. But can this romance survive the problems that appear almost from the beginning of their budding relationship?

I connected with Nailah immediately, but it took a little longer to understand Scottie, mainly because we only see her through Nailah’s eyes. Both women have tons of personality and are obviously attracted to each other, but they also have issues that could derail their romance. This provides the perfect amount of angst to the overall story. There is also the theme of femme and butch characters, and the possible different pairings. I’ve never really cared that much about whether a person is butch or femme, but it is discussed in the novel, and does affect the two main characters.

I must mention the absolutely stunning cover of this book. I was interested in reading this story because of the author, but the cover would have caught my interest even without the author’s name. It is a striking cover, and the artist should be proud.

I thoroughly enjoyed this steamy romance novel, and can recommend it to all who enjoy a great love story.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and the author for an honest review.


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