Modern English ~ A Review

Every once in a while you come across a novel that grabs you on the first page, and won’t let you put the book down until the very end. Modern English by Rachel Spangler did that to me.

This book tells the story of Lady Victoria Charlotte Algernon Penchant (Vic) and Sophia LeBlanc, the lead actress in a movie being shot at Vic’s ancestral home (which happens to be a castle in England). Those of you who have read Ms. Spangler’s earlier novel Full English, may recognize Vic as a character from that tale. Don’t worry though. This is definitely a standalone story. You don’t need to read the other book first to enjoy this one.

Modern English is a fantastic story! The setting is gorgeous and well described. The characters are multi-layered and easy to connect with. I fell in love with Vic by the end of the second page, and with Sophia not long after that. The story itself is enchanting and worthy of that beautiful setting. And did you see that stunning cover by Ann McMan’s TreeHouse Studio? It’s breathtaking!

I must also mention the love scenes in this story, and that is exactly what they are. These two women show their true feelings for each other even before they realize they are in love. It takes a lot of skill by the author to portray that emotion the way she did in those scenes.

As you can tell, I absolutely adore Modern English, and if you enjoy reading romantic stories, I believe you will too. This book has my highest recommendation.

I received an ARC from Bywater Books for an honest review.


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