Sing For My Baby~A Review

I really enjoyed Sing for My Baby by Jenn Matthews. It is a lovely slow-burn, opposites-attract love story set in the same universe as her first novel, Hooked on You.

Sing for My Baby is a tale of two women who come from very different life experiences. Rosie Tanner wants to have a baby, and has decided that she is not going to wait for a partner. She is going it alone. Amber Kingsley is a recovering alcoholic whose goal is to stay sober, which means avoiding any kind of relationship that could send her spiralling back into her addiction. Then Amber accidentally joins a choir that Rosie is in, and a friendship develops. But do they want more than that?

The story had a bit of a slow start, but in spite of that, I quickly connected with the main characters, especially Amber. It took me a bit longer with Rosie, but I eventually understood her character better and connected with her as well. It is a beautiful romance with a layer of angst that runs through most of the book. It’s a touching story and even with the angst, I felt quite happy at the end of the tale.

As I mentioned above, this novel is set in the same universe as Ms. Matthew’s first book. Those of you who have read Hooked on You might recognize a few of the minor characters in this story. However, both of these books are standalone novels. You do not need too read both of them in order. If you love good slow-burn, romances though, then I can easily recommend both books.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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