The Secret Poet~A Review

Georgia Beers is such a consistently great author that I will automatically get her books even without reading the blurb. Her name on the cover is enough for me to know I’m getting a story that I will love. This is true for her latest novel, The Secret Poet.

Morgan Thompson and Zoe Blake are the romantic couple in this tale. I connected with both of these characters quickly, but since the story is written in First Person POV through the eyes of Morgan, I really felt closer to her than Zoe. This POV is limiting because we only see, feel, and hear (etc.) what Morgan does, but in this case it worked out well.

The premise of the story is great, the setting is lovely, and the romance is sweet enough to melt your heart. However, this book is really a character driven tale. Luckily, all the characters, both main and secondary are well-developed and fit their roles perfectly. After reading this, I really want to have a best friend like Stefan, Morgan’s BFF.

This novel is just a bit shorter than some of Ms. Beers books, but that makes it a quick read full of wonderful characters, a lovely romance, and heart-melting love scenes. I totally enjoyed reading  The Secret Poet, and if I could write poetry, I’d end this with a short poem, but:

I’m no poet

And I know it

So I’ll just end it

Right here.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review, and no awards for my poetry.


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