Words Unsaid ~ A Review

This book is awesome! Words Unsaid by K.G. MacGregor is probably one of the best novels I’ve read this year.

I asked for this book knowing that it is the fifth novel in a series I hadn’t read yet, but it sounded so good, and Ms. MacGregor is such a talented author, I just had to get it. I realized very quickly that it is definitely not a standalone story so I bought and read the first book in the series, Without Warning. That way I would at least know the characters and some of their back story. In fact, I now have all the books in the series and plan to read every one as soon as I can.

Words Unsaid is another chapter in the lives of Anna and Lily Kaklis, their children Andy, Eleanor, and Georgie, as well as Anna’s extended family. However, this is no mundane day (or month) in their lives. Misunderstandings and teenage angst create a rift between Andy and his moms, especially between Andy and Anna. Then Andy goes missing, and their whole world seems to implode.

Because this is the fifth book in a series, the setting and characters are already well established and developed. I fell in love with Anna and Lily in the first novel, and it didn’t take long to feel the same for their children. The story itself will have you on the edge of your seat, turning the pages as fast as you can. It may also have you in tears at certain points.

This book will definitely pull at your heartstrings. It is a tale of love, but not just romantic love. At its core, it is a story about love of family, and especially the love between parents and their children. There is also a thread of politics in the book that specifically affects this family.

Words Unsaid has my highest recommendation. I also highly recommend Without Warning. In fact, you should do what I’m going to do and read the entire series.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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