Worthy of Love~A Review

Every once in a while, I like to read a story where the characters have even more problems than I do. Worthy of Love by Quinn Ivins fits this need perfectly.

This is a very intense romance, filled with angst from the first page. Former lawyer Nadine Bayani has just finished a two year jail sentence for a political crime that made her notorious and hated by just about everyone in the country, and she’s finding it challenging  to integrate back into society. She ends up in a dead end minimum wage job in Overstock Oasis, a type of warehouse store that carries stock that didn’t sell in regular stores. There she meets fellow employee Bella Clarke. It’s not love at first sight, especially since Bella recognizes Nadine almost immediately, but there are sparks there even with Nadine’s history.

Worthy of Love is a very beautiful love story in spite of the angst and the obstacles thrown in their way. It is definitely a character driven tale. The two main characters stole my heart from the beginning. They became real to me, which shows just how well-developed they are. Their secrets, quirks, and the baggage they both carry only make them more human, and more loveable.  The story will keep you enthralled, wondering if there is any possibility of a happy ending for these two.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Worthy of Love. If you love angst-filled love stories, then get this book. I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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