House of Agnes~A Review

House of Agnes by Fiona Zedde has all of the elements I look for in an exceptionally good contemporary romance. This novel is an enemies-to-lovers, age gap romance with a fair dose of mystery and intrigue. The story includes a gorgeous ice queen as a main character with an equally beautiful love interest. Add an exciting plot, a young child, and a few unsavory characters, and we have everything we need for our reading pleasure.

Agnes Noble runs a very exclusive escort agency. She is known as Queen Agnes by her employees as well as the clients who use her agency’s services. She runs the business as any queen would…with ultimate control over what happens. Lola Osbourne is an investigative journalist who is out to infiltrate the House of Agnes to get the information she needs to bring down the business and its owner. She blames the House and Agnes for what happened to her sister. There is a big problem with Lola’s plans though…the almost instant attraction she feels for Agnes.

This is an exciting story filled with intrigue, desire and lust. The mystery and intrigue are well-written and kept my interest though the whole book. The steamy sex scenes are exactly what I expect from a Fiona Zedde novel.

While this is a plot driven novel, the characters really made the story for me. Agnes is the perfect ice queen, and Lola makes a great love interest for her. The secondary characters are also well-developed.

I really enjoyed reading this book. If you adore ice queens, steamy love scenes, and romance mixed with exciting mystery and intrigue, then look for this book.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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