Guin The Emerald~A Review

It’s hard for me to believe, but I think Guin the Emerald (Book 2 of the Shift Series) by Louisa Kelley is my first dragon shifter novel. I am so glad that Dirt Road Books asked me to read and review this novel. I fell in love with these characters and the story from the very beginning.

This is an exciting fantasy with well-developed characters, action-filled quests, and an unlikely but very satisfying romance. The idea of the dragon world being in danger of collapse makes for a wonderful adventure with lots of conflict and angst.

Even though this is book two in the series, I am proof that you could read this story as a standalone. It did take me a while at the beginning of the story to understand things that I’m sure were explained in the first book, but the author gives enough information that I still enjoyed the story. I will say that I’m now itching to read the first book in the series. I want to know how this tale started!

I definitely recommend this book to all who love fantasy, shape shifters, and dragons. Actually, you should read both books in the series in order. That way we will all be ready when and if there is a third book. I do hope there is a third book.

I received an ARC from Dirt Road Books for an honest review. You can buy your own copy here.


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