Quiet Village~A Review

I became a fan of Eden Darry when she scared the pants off me with her debut novel, The House. I became an even bigger fan of hers when she had me in stitches with her campy horror/romance novel, Z-Town, about zombies overrunning Provincetown. Now with her current book, Quiet Village, she is again scaring off a necessary article of clothing from my anatomy.

Collie Noonan’s sister is murdered at the beginning of the story. Collie and her niece (Lana) decide to move to a small village called Hyam to escape the publicity. There they meet Emily Lassiter who is working as a teacher at the village school though that isn’t the only reason she is there. Collie and Lana are looking for peace and quiet. What they and Emily find is anything but peaceful.

When I started reading this story, I decided to only read it during the daytime. I knew if I continued to read after dark, I would be watching the light fade to black outside my windows, and would then be listening to the night breeze and the wild animals (I live in the country) rustling in the trees and bushes right outside. Then I would be sleeping with the lights on all night. It’s a good thing I did read during the daytime because the author created a world that could send chills up and down your spine, and have you looking over your shoulder. One of the author’s strengths is creating an atmosphere so creepy that even a sleepy little village in the country gradually seems like one of the most terrifying places to be. The characters are well suited for the roles they have in the story, and the romance between Collie and Emily gives the reader at least some break from the more frightening aspects of this tale.

This novel is first and foremost a paranormal horror story and a psychological thriller. It is filled with murder, monsters in the night, and a little romance. Just be prepared to leave the lights on if you read it at night…and hold on to your pants. I’m giving this book a 4.5 star rating.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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