The Island Between Us~A Review

Adventure, survival, danger, and romance…all on a gorgeous uninhabited Scottish island. This is what you get when you read The Island Between Us by Wendy Hudson, and believe me, this novel is well worth reading.

This is a second chance romance as well as an adventure and survivalist story because the two main characters (Georgia Hamilton and Kelsey Campbell) briefly met twenty years ago. After that brief meeting, the two don’t see each other again until Kelsey signs up for a two week survival course that Georgia is giving on a remote Scottish island. What happens on that island will change the lives of everyone who is there for the course, especially Georgia and Kelsey.

The remote Scottish island is as beautiful as it is dangerous, and is well described. You will both love and dislike the secondary characters as you read the story. They are written true-to-life with both good and bad qualities, and this definitely affects the actions they take as they face some truly life-threatening situations. I fell in love with both Georgia and Kelsey, so I have to admit I’m rather biased about their characters. Georgia makes the perfect survivalist leader, and Kelsey is a great partner for her. Their love story is tangled up in the action and adventure part of the novel, but it adds sweetness to an otherwise dangerous tale.

I had a blast reading this book, and now I want to go find an island like this to visit…hopefully with a lot less danger than this one. I recommend this novel for all the action, adventure, and romance lovers.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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