On The Fence~A Review

On the Fence by Cade Haddock Strong is an interesting story about four women who team together to pull off an art heist in Washington, D.C. Though I didn’t realize it when I asked for this book, it is actually connected to an earlier novel by this author called The Schuyler House. I have not read the first story yet, so I guess I’m proof that this one can be read as a standalone.

This book is a combination of an adventure story involving an art heist, and a romance between two of the women involved (Wallace Mahar and Ellen Church). The other two women are already a couple, and I believe they are also the main characters in the first novel.

The first half of this story covers the preparation for the theft while Wallace and Ellen slowly get to know each other. The second half is the actual heist and its aftermath. I must admit, the first part of the book is rather slow reading, but I really enjoyed the second half where most of the action happens. The author gives a good, solid ending to both the theft and the romance between Wallace and Ellen. I love endings that go beyond the “I love you’s” and lets the reader know something about what happens afterward.

While this novel can be read as a standalone, I do remember a couple of spots in the story where I felt I was missing something, so I’m going to recommend you read both books in order. I’m giving this novel a 3.5 star rating.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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