Gia’s Gems ~ A Review

Gia’s Gems is a new contemporary romance that’s a quick & easy read by Toni Logan. The premise of the story attracted my attention as did the beautiful cover. I enjoyed this tale, though there are some aspects that needed a bit more work.

I really liked the premise. The main character (Gia Williams) has been a recluse for years, but is being forced out of her “safe place” by the other main character (Lindsey Speyer) through a bit of blackmail. Having both characters dealing with some trauma in their past gives lots of room for conflict and angst. Setting a major part of the book in a small Midwestern town adds to the charm of the story.

I had a few problems with the book, mainly with the characters themselves. I had trouble connecting with the people in the tale, both main and secondary. Both Gia and Lindsey, as well as their two best friends, who are important secondary characters, seemed rather flat and one dimensional. They also acted kind of immature for their age, which was irritating.  This lasted through the first half of the novel. The character development improved some during the second half of the book, but it should have happened much sooner. The tale does have a satisfying ending, which I liked.

Overall, I thought this was a satisfactory read.

If you enjoy short, easy to read love stories, you might check this one out. I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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