A Convenient Arrangement~A Review

A Convenient Arrangement by Aurora Rey and Jaime Clevenger is a contemporary romance that is based on a type of relationship I’d never heard of before. Cuffing or cuffing season is a type of temporary relationship where two people get together as a couple for a certain period of time, often during the big holiday months of November through January, and then “break up” at the end of the season. One idea for this is that the two are assured of having a date for all the parties and events during this time. Intimacy may or may not be an added bonus. Yeah, I know where your mind went when you saw the word ‘cuffing’. No, it has nothing to do with restraints in the bedroom. Don’t worry, my mind went there too.  😉

In this novel Jess Archer and Cody Dawson decide to try cuffing for the holiday season. For Jess, it is a work project, and she will be blogging about it as a journalist. Cody likes the idea of dating someone interesting, and she can enjoy this time without changing the life she has made for herself and her son Ben. Both women know in their minds this relationship is temporary, but did they remember to tell their hearts?

This is obviously a character driven plot, which is good because both authors are excellent at character development, and it shows. Both Jess and Cody are easy to connect with. The chemistry between them is hot, and it is easy to see the two could (and should) become more than temporary girlfriends. I must tell you though, that Ben, Cody’s son, stole my heart. Of course, who wouldn’t fall in love with a cute as a button, curly blond-haired five-year-old with a heart as big as himself. I became as invested in him as I did Jess and Cody.

There are some really angsty moments for all three of these characters that really kept me reading. There are also some steamy, sexy moments for Jess and Cody. I guess that tells you what the two women decided on with the intimacy question.

A Convenient Arrangement is an entertaining, sexy and heartwarming story that I recommend to all who love romance. Don’t be surprised when you fall in love with Ben.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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