Her Royal Happiness ~ A Review

Her Royal Happiness by Lola Keeley is a lovely romance that not only satisfies those of us who are looking for novels about love with a HEA, but also mixes some serious and timely subjects into the overall plot. I’m happy to say that Ms. Keeley did an excellent job of weaving these subjects into a thoroughly enjoyable tale.

The story begins when Her Royal Highness, Princess Alice, the fourth in line to the English throne, meets Sara Marteau and her daughter Libby, an encounter that ends up going viral on social media and the news. Sara is an anti-monarchist and doesn’t mind letting the world and Princess Alice know exactly what she thinks. In spite of this less than auspicious beginning, when Alice finds out her nephew needs to be evaluated for a possible learning disability, she remembers that Sara is an education specialist, and asks her for help. Of course nothing is easy when dealing with the royal family. On top of the constant media attention, privacy issues, and the need for security, the two women must figure out what this spark between them really means.

Obviously this is a character driven tale, and I must say, the author has done an amazing job with these folks, especially Alice, Sara, and Libby. They are realistic and believable. They are also easy to connect with.

I loved how the very serious issues of racial discrimination, autism, and anti LGBTQ+ feelings are  dealt with in the book.

This is a novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. I recommend it to all those who are looking for a great love story with opposites attract and fake romance/dating tropes in the tale.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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