Two Knights Tango~A Review

Two Knights Tango is the second novel in the “Queen of Humboldt Series” by Tagan Shepard. I’ve been looking forward to this book since I read the first novel, Queen of Humboldt. I’m happy to say the story is equally as exciting as the first one.

This book takes up about six months after the first one ends with our main characters back in Illinois after their kidnapping and escape from The Bishop, the head of an international human trafficking organization. Marisol Soltero is back in Chicago in Humboldt, the neighborhood her gang claims and protects. Governor Sabrina Sloane went to the Governor’s mansion in Springfield instead of Chicago, mainly out of fear that The Bishop would again use her to target Marisol. You see, Marisol is an undercover agent of the NSA, recruited from prison, to find the kidnapped victims of The Bishop, and help them escape to a safe house called The Hotel. The Bishop wants his “merchandise” back though, and he is willing to do anything, even target Marisol’s true love, Sabrina, to find The Hotel and get them back.

I’m impressed by the contrast of settings the author used…the down and dirty ghetto neighborhood of Humboldt compared to the high fashion aristocratic atmosphere of the governor’s mansion in Springfield. The characters are what really make this story, especially Marisol. She is such a commanding and compelling figure; the perfect bad girl with a heart of gold that she must hide from most people to keep her place as the queen or leader of her gang. And that’s not the only thing she must hide. Neither her gang nor her neighborhood would accept that she is working for the government. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect main character for this novel. Sabrina is also well-developed, a strong character in her own right, and works well as a romantic interest to Marisol.

Two Knights Tango is just as much an action and adventure tale as the first book. There is danger, excitement, violence, and romance woven together into a thrilling story of intrigue. This is not a good standalone novel though. You need to read both books in order to really get the feel of the story. This novel is also not the end of the overall tale. There is at least one more book coming in this series, and I will be waiting eagerly to get my hands on it.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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