My Secret Valentine~A Review

My Secret Valentine is a collection of romantic novellas by three award winning authors. Each novella is about two women who find their true love with Valentine’s Day and books playing a part.

All three stories give the reader a chance to enjoy their favorite tropes. ‘I Met Someone’ by Julie Cannon gives us a friends-to-lovers tale with Claire Wheeler and Hayes Martin. They meet in a graduate class and become BFFs before they finally admit their real feelings for each other.

Taking a Risk’ by Erin Dutton is not only a small town romance but a second chance story with a bit of angst for police officer Jo Forsythe and the widow of a police officer, Kayla McCall.

Bouquet of Love’ by Anne Shade is an age gap and former student/teacher love story between English teacher Alyssa Harris and tennis coach Collette Roberts. This novella has quite a bit of angst as well.

All are lovely tales with realistic characters, well described settings and really sweet plots. I loved reading all three novellas, but I think my favorite story is Anne Shade’s ‘Bouquet of Love’. The touch of old fashioned “wooing” by Collette and the slightly bittersweet flavor of the story really touched my heart. It even made me tear up a bit.

You can’t go wrong with these stories. They are well-written, short enough to be read in one sitting each, and well worth your reading time.  I had a great time reading them, and I think you will too.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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