Chasing Dreams ~ A Review

Chasing Dreams by A.L. Brooks is exactly the book you want to read if you are feeling down or having a bad day. It put me in a better mood just reading the story.

This is a feel good romance with a melting ice queen (Claire Pressley) who leaves her high powered and even higher stress job in New York, and moves to small town Eagle Cove, Oregon. She buys an old homestead just outside of town hoping to renovate the house and turn it into a guesthouse. She didn’t know she was buying the land the town’s sweetheart, librarian Ruby Jordan was saving to buy and turn into a shelter for homeless animals. Not the best way to gain the town’s trust and good will

The setting of the novel is beautiful. The author did an amazing job of describing the small town nestled on the edge of the mountains in Oregon. The characters are equally well-developed from the mains, Ruby and Claire, to the secondary characters…even Ninja the library cat and Hettie the donkey. They are all loveable in their own ways. The story is an enemies-to-lovers romance, obviously, and it was lovely watching these two slowly grow together in spite of everything against them.

I really adored this tale. I recommend it to all romance lovers.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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