With A Twist~A Review

With a Twist by Georgia Beers is a lovely and fitting finale for her “Swizzle Stick Romance” series. I’ve enjoyed all three novels about the Martini cousins. This last story, however, is a bit special because I can relate so easily to what the main character is going through.

You see, Amelia Martini is the oldest of the three cousins we’ve come to know and love in these stories. In fact, she is forty-nine years old. Her plan for this time of her life was to retire early, and travel around the world with her wife, Tammy. She did retire. Then Tammy left her for another woman and insisted the house she and Amelia bought together be sold. Now Amelia is a middle-aged woman living in her father’s house, starting a new dog sitting business, and beginning to go through menopause. That includes all the power surges, night sweats, mood swings, and feelings of losing control of one’s body. She gets a job house sitting in a gorgeous home with two cute dogs, but finds out her time there will be interrupted by Kirby Dupree, a thirty-something, stunning house painter. The two seem to clash at the beginning, but there is also a spark of chemistry between them.

Both Amelia and Kirby are easy to love. Kirby is likeable; kind, generous, and just a good person. I think I connected with Amelia because I know exactly what she is physically going through. Menopause is not easy, and the author describes the symptoms perfectly. I want to live in a house like the one Amelia is house sitting. I could happily retire in a place like that.

The story itself is heartwarming and romantic. This is a great conclusion to Julia, Vanessa, and Amelia’s tales. I had a wonderful time reading these books and will miss these characters now that the series is complete. I recommend this entire series to all romance lovers.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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