Steadying The Ark ~ A Review

After reading Steadying the Ark by Rebecca K. Jones, I must tell you how impressed I am with this book and the author. This is the debut novel for Ms. Jones, and honestly, I’m having a really hard time finding anything to criticize. The story is practically flawless and very entertaining.

This is a tale of intrigue and mystery with lots of thrills (and chills) woven into the story. Assistant District Attorney Mackenzie (Mack) Wilson works in the Sex Crimes Unit for Tucson, Arizona. Her days are spent prosecuting crimes that range from simple voyeurism to some of the most hateful crimes you can imagine. This book will focus on one of the latter. When a young girl shows up in a convenience store naked, obviously abused, and traumatized, Mack is brought in to help the investigation and hopefully the prosecution of the perpetrator. Little does she realize at the time just how big and important this court case will be. At the same time Mack has to deal with the threat of home invasions happening in her neighborhood that come closer and closer to her door. And then she picks up a stalker. Danger swirls around Mack from every direction.

The prosecution of the abuser of Schyanne (the young girl) is the predominant case in this tale, and we get to live it from the very beginning to its final resolution. To me, this part has the feel of a really great episode of “Law and Order” with a lesbian main character. We get to experience the investigation, the preparation, and the daily events inside the courtroom. All the characters in the novel are well-developed and realistic. I especially connected with Mack. The courtroom scenes are true-to-life and riveting. In fact, I could use the term “riveting” to describe how I feel about this whole novel.

I can’t wait to read more from this author. If you love a courtroom drama filled with excitement, suspense, and thrills, then this is the book for you.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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