Above All Things~A Review

Above All Things by Roslyn Sinclair is the second book in “The Carlisle Series” and continues the story begun in the first novel, Truth and Measure. Together they make a fascinating age gap/ice queen tale that kept me enthralled through both novels.

The second book takes up right where the first one ends with the two main characters, Julia (Jules) Moretti and Vivian Carlisle trying to make their new relationship work. That is not an easy thing to do though. They have to juggle their extremely busy work schedules which allow them little together time. Workplace drama as well as disapproving family and friends only adds to the hardship. Add in all Vivian is going through with her pregnancy, and their romance could really be in jeopardy.

Both of these novels are well-written, but I would expect nothing less from Roslyn Sinclair. This is a top-notch character driven tale.

The romance drama takes center stage in this novel, and I like how the author wove all the pitfalls surrounding the budding relationship into the story. Jules and Vivian have a lot working against them.

This is definitely not a standalone novel. The two books together tell one story so you really need to read them in order. Luckily, together they make an outstanding tale.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publications for an honest review.


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