With A Minor In Murder~A Review

With a Minor in Murder by Karish Walsh is both a murder mystery and a lovely slow-burn romance that had me hooked from the beginning. I was enchanted with the love story, and the author kept me guessing about “whodunit” until the very end.

The setting of this novel is a major factor in the storyline. The book takes place on the campus of The University of Washington. Ms. Walsh used an ingenious way to describe the university campus. She has Libby Hart, one of the main characters, describe the area in detail all through the tale since she is a professor and an architectural historian. Libby’s (and I’m assuming the author’s as well) love of the buildings comes through vividly in the descriptions.

The university is large enough to have its own police force, and Clare Sawyer, one of the main characters in the tale is starting a new job with the campus police. Clare wonders if she has made the right decision coming to work on campus, but then she meets Libby one morning on her way to work. Then the murders begin, and Libby is on the list of possible suspects.

The characters, both major and secondary are well-developed. I especially connected with Libby and Clare, but I also really liked Cappy, Clare’s partner on the force. The murder mystery is splendidly written. I was quite surprised to find out who the bad guy was. I had a great time reading this mystery/romance, and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys both genres.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.

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