Mail Order Bride ~ A Review

Molly Bragg has written a fantastic sci-fi romance novel that totally captivated me. Mail Order Bride, the second book by this author is a must read for those who love these genres.

In this story, Earth is currently becoming a colony of the Hegemony, a collection of alien worlds, most of which have technology far beyond what we have on Earth. This is causing hardships for businesses and people on our planet as alien technology is rapidly taking over jobs that humans used to do. This is why Sam Murray’s mother, Beth, made an arrangement to send Sam to the planet Talamh to be betrothed to Orla Leargas of the House of Leargas. Betrothals on Talamh last for five years during which Orla’s family will provide Sam with an education in alien technology. There are a few problems though. Sam has romantic feelings for her best friend on Earth, and Orla has feelings for her best friend Sorcha Grasta. Also, living on a totally alien planet takes some getting used to, especially since Orla’s family doesn’t seem too happy with Orla’s choice of Sam as her betrothed.

The author really has a vivid imagination, and it shows with this story. I loved the view the author gave of the planet Talamh as well as all that Sam had to go through to live there. The descriptions actually made me want to see more of Talamh. I connected with the characters immediately. They are well-described and quite believable. The love story between Sam, Orla, and eventually Sorcha is heartwarming and kept me reading until the end.

If you enjoy well-written, polyamorous romances, especially in sci-fi settings, you will definitely enjoy this book.

I received an ARC for an honest review.


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