Perks of Office~A Review

I have a hard time believing that Perks of Office by Liz Rain is really a debut novel. It is a well-written, polished and very engaging book to read.

This story gives us an age gap, office romance all wrapped up in Australian politics with a healthy dose of comedy added in. It also includes some steamy scenes and just the right amount of angst.

I have to admit I totally fell in love with Emma Ives, the main character and the person we see the story through since it is written in first person. She is very good as an office manager and always seems very professional…until she opens her mouth and speaks. Then she is very good at saying the wrong thing, or saying the right thing the wrong way, which adds all sorts of comedy to the story. It also makes her character quite endearing and lovable.

I had a little trouble connecting to her love interest Bridget O’Keefe, the politician Emma worked for. As I read, I kept thinking that Emma was too good for Bridget even as I was hoping the two would work things out. I must give kudos to the author for creating such intriguing and interesting characters. The somewhat comedic glimpse into Australian politics was also fun to read. It was definitely refreshing to see people mostly working together for their constituents instead of what we have in North America currently.

I really enjoyed this novel. I look forward to reading more from this author.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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