Stranded Hearts ~ A Review

Stranded Hearts is a collection of romantic novellas by three very popular BSB authors. The main theme of each story (besides romance of course) is that the main characters have to be stranded or stuck together as they get to know each other.

The first novella is EF5 by Kris Bryant. In this tale photographer Alyssa Bates gets pulled over by police officer Katy Emerson for speeding. Things go from bad to horrible, though when sirens signal a powerful tornado coming. The two women are forced to take shelter in a nearby abandoned diner where they end up fighting for their lives.

Trapped Tycoon by Amanda Radley combines close quarters with a workplace and age gap romance when trainee Clara Foster becomes trapped in an elevator with the owner of the company, Francesca Burford who has just fired Clara a short time before. To make matters worse, it’s Saturday and they may be stuck there until Monday morning when the office opens back up for work.

Wings Over Boston by Emily Smith unites flight paramedic Ryland Matthews and pilot Tess Goodwin when Tess is asked to be a substitute pilot on Ryland’s team. These two women know each other from the past and even had a brief relationship that ended a while back. Now a medical emergency and an unexpected mechanical problem leave the two grounded together.

All three novellas are well written as I would expect from these accomplished authors. The characters are well-developed, and the stories are easy and interesting to read. I have to admit I have a favorite novella, and that would be EF5 by Kris Bryant. The setting of the story and the disaster related plotline had me riveted to the pages, and I totally fell for both Alyssa and Katy. I can easily see this couple having a HEA. I also enjoyed Ms. Radley’s Trapped Tycoon. Francesca makes a very good ice queen to Clara’s youthful outlook on life and love. I had a little more trouble connecting with Ryland and Tess in the third novella, but I can at least see a Happy for Now ending with them.

I’m very glad I got the chance to read these novellas. If you like stories with characters falling in love when they are stranded together, then you should try Stranded Hearts.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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