Timber Falls ~ A Review

I love Gerri Hill’s stories. Her books never disappoint. Her murder mysteries have me mentally pulling out my detective kit to solve the whodunit. Her paranormal tales give me the shivers, and her romances melt my heart. Her newest novel, Timber Falls fits right into the murder mystery/romance genre this author is famous for.

Timber Falls is a small, remote village tucked away in the mountains. Most of the year the population of the town is only about a hundred folks, but during the summer months that number swells dramatically with tourists who are drawn to the river and the Class V rapids they love. The frightful murder of a college student in the nearby campground brings newly hired FBI agent Lynn Carter to town where she meets Haley Martin, the owner of Timber Falls Bar and Grill, and also chief of police (the only police officer in town) Mike Goodson. The three will end up working together to catch the killer who is targeting the campers and others in town. At the same time Carter and Haley must decide if this spark between them is really worth developing, especially with their individual pasts.

As you can tell, the setting plays a major part of this story, and the author created a unique and excellent place. It is both beautiful and remote, the perfect spot for both the love story and the murder mystery. Both Haley and Carter are well-developed. They have tragedies in their pasts that affect their current lives. It is obvious they are well suited for each other if they can only let go of the hurt and misfortune they’ve lived through. The murder mystery is very engaging, and kept me reading to find out the killer’s identity as well as how or if they would be caught.

This novel is actually placed in the same universe as several of the author’s former books. Those of you who have read these novels will immediately recognize some of the characters mentioned from those stories. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the former books though. This is a standalone novel and can be read on its own.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Timber Falls by Gerri Hill. If you love a thrilling murder mystery combined with a heartwarming love story, then read this book.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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