Guarding Evelyn~A Review

I always look forward to reading books by Erin Zak. Her stories will grab your heartstrings, pull them, and tie them into knots. It’s often handy to have tissues close by as you read her works. She has brought me to tears more than once.

Guarding Evelyn, her newest novel fits right in with the emotional, heartwarming, character driven storyline that I’ve come to expect from this author. What makes this book even better is the added mystery and intrigue plotline.

In the story, Secret Service Agent Arden Ryan is forced to take a leave from the service after an “incident” that left her injured. She moves back to her hometown of Chicago where she takes a job guarding a popular actress, Evelyn Glass, who has been receiving some really creepy hate mail threatening her. Initially working with Evelyn causes a lot of head butting between the two. Despite their differences, there is a growing chemistry connecting the two. Working closely with Evelyn and her two teenage/young adult children turns out to be dangerous in many ways, especially for Arden’s heart.

This is an exciting tale filled with characters that you can’t help falling in love with and the thrill of danger from an unknown source threatening these folks. The romance between Evelyn and Arden is passionate and gratifying. I must confess I was completely wrong about the “whodunit” of the mystery. I didn’t see that coming until the characters themselves did. That’s the mark of a good mystery writer.

I loved this novel. It has everything I look for in a romance/mystery and intrigue combination. If you also love mystery and romance together, you want to read this book.

I received an ARC for an honest review.


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