Love And Other Rare Birds~A Review

Love and Other Rare Birds by Angie Williams is a lovely romance between an ornithologist looking for a thought-to-be-extinct species of bird in the Alaskan wilderness and the park ranger tasked with keeping her alive.  I really like to read books set in the wilds with butch/femme characters that have to rely on each other. I also enjoy reading about the Alaskan wilderness so this novel is really my cup of tea.

The two protagonists don’t have a very good introduction to each other. Park ranger Rowan Fleming is late picking up Dr. Jamie Martin because she was called to an emergency. Things don’t get much better when they finally do meet, but the two must learn to work and live together in a one room cabin many miles into the largest Alaskan wilderness park…alone…for three months.

Even though this is basically a character driven tale, the setting is very important to the overall story, and the author did a good job describing this area for the reader. Both Rowan and Jamie are easy to relate to. I especially connected with Rowan. Their love story is charming and well worth reading.

I had fun reading this butch/femme, Alaskan wilderness romance. If you like a good love story set in the wild, then check out Love and Other Rare Birds.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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