Bringing me Dreams~A Review

Bringing Me Dreams by K.G. MacGregor is a novel that will tug at your heartstrings in more ways than one. The book has a beautiful love story, an adorable service dog, and an intriguing mystery that will keep you reading to figure out what is really happening.

The two main characters (Gianna Del Vecchio and Keenan McEvoy) meet through an online forum they both belong to. The online group and forum is for survivors of a loved one’s suicide. Gianna had joined because of her brother’s death a year prior to the story, and Keenan was there because of her wife’s suicide three years before. The two began talking when Keenan posted a photo of her service dog Bennie to the forum, and the two eventually meet in person. There is definitely a spark between them, but Gianna also has a jealous best friend who doesn’t want them to be together.

Obviously there is a fair bit of angst running through this story considering what Keenan and Gianna are going through. There is also an exciting mystery involving Gianna’s family business that adds a touch of danger to the tale. Add in a stalking “best friend” out to destroy Gianna and Keenan’s budding romance, and you have a tale that will definitely keep you reading. The author did a wonderful job weaving all these details together into an excellent narrative full of excitement, danger, grief, joy, and love. She’s also not afraid of including sometimes difficult themes such as she did with suicide in this novel.

MacGregor does put a content note at the beginning of the book letting readers know of the difficult subject in this story. In real life, I am a survivor of a close family member’s suicide. I read the content note and still decided to read the novel, and I’m glad I did. If you think you might have a problem with this subject, read the content note at the beginning of the book. Amazon allows you to see it in their book preview. I loved this book and can recommend it to all who love mystery and romance.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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