Where Love Leads~A Review

Imagine being abandoned on the wrong side of Los Angeles in the middle of the night, far from your home with no phone, cash, credit cards, or even ID. That’s what happens to Melanie Sotheby, wife to billionaire Monty Sotheby when he leaves Melanie on the side of the road and heads back to New York without her. Melanie finds herself in deep trouble until she is rescued by a tall, dark stranger. Elizabeth Milo ends up saving a woman near her apartment only to be reminded of the old saying, ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. Saddled with a felony conviction and in a dead end job, Milo is not the type of person Melanie normally hangs around. Now the two are thrown together, and Melanie comes up with a plan that might help them both.

Where Love Leads by K.C. Luck is an absolutely superb age-gap, opposites-attract love story with more than a touch of adventure and a fair amount of angst to create even more conflict. This is definitely a character-driven story since the two mains practically jump out of the book and sit beside you to tell you their tale. The author does an excellent job with the narrative and descriptions. The reader can almost feel the blisters forming as Melanie is forced to walk the dark streets in her high heels and evening dress. The descriptions of the road trip the two take in the classic Buick convertible are equally realistic.

I must be honest and say I didn’t see any connection between Melanie and Milo at first. They are just so different in their lives and experiences, but of course, that is the essence of a true opposites-attract tale. The author did an outstanding job of bringing these two together and setting up the slow spark that builds into true chemistry.

Where Love Leads by K.C. Luck is an exceptional novel that will appeal to all lovers of romance. It has my highest recommendation.

I received an ARC for an honest review.


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