The Mage & The Monster~A Review

I have truly enjoyed reading the novels in ‘The Sisters of Sarras’ series by Barbara Ann Wright. The Mage and the Monster is the current, and I believe the last tale in this epic set. I’m kind of sad about that because I’ve been delighted with all three books.

This novel tells the story of Gisele del Amanecer, the youngest of the three sisters. Gisele is a mage, one of the most powerful in the kingdom of Sarras. While she loves who she is, in a way it is also a disability, because each time she produces magic, it causes extreme pain to course through her body. The more magic she makes, the more agony she feels. It is the price she is willing to pay for doing what she loves. Gisele is asked to help save Sarras, her homeland by hunting down another mage who might be working for the Firellians, the enemy of Sarras. This mage, who Gisele believes is the one her sister met named Vale, could be as powerful as she is. Gisele’s life could be in danger, and so could her heart.

The story of Gisele and Vale is a fitting conclusion to this series. It takes the characters and the narrative of the first two books and pulls us into a story that includes danger, adventure, and war. It’s also a chance for some, including Gisele and Vale, to find love and acceptance. There are quite a few twists and turns in the plot. Sometimes it is even hard to figure out if some characters are good or bad. This tale will definitely keep you wondering as you read.

Though I am somewhat melancholy that this is probably the last book in the series, I’m very glad I was able to read and enjoy all three books. The Mage and the Monster is not a standalone novel, but since all of them are wonderful, I recommend you read them in order. You definitely want to read all three.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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