Finding Fault~A Review

I’ve been waiting for the next book by Annie McDonald. I totally enjoyed her first two novels, and I wanted to see what province the author would use as her setting for her next story. With Finding Fault, we get to visit the prairies in Saskatchewan. We are also treated to an intriguing thriller with an enemies-to-lovers, age-gap romance.

Dr. Evie O’Halloran is not only a professor of geology at a university in Saskatoon, she is also an environmental activist. She and a group of her students are protesting the activities of some of Saskatchewan’s chemical manufacturers, specifically a company called Farmexal. Evie meets Merritt (Merr) Shepherd who she believes is an employee of Farmexal. Actually Merr is an officer for the Ministry of Environmental Resources, and she’s gone undercover to find out who is stealing toxic chemicals from the plant and contaminating the surrounding farmlands. The two women clash almost immediately, Evie thinks Merr is working for the “enemy” but they can’t deny the attraction they have for each other. Now if they can only find out who the thief is.

Both the romance and the mystery surrounding the stolen chemicals is very interesting. I will admit I figured out who the thief was a while before it was revealed in the story, but their motivation was a surprise to me. I connected quickly with the main and the secondary characters. and became quite interested in some of the secondary folks and their stories. Those secondary tales kept my interest level high in the overall plot. Evie’s back story also added angst to her romance with Merr. The setting, of course, is crucial to the narrative, and the author did an exceptional job incorporating the area into the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Finding Fault, and I can’t wait for my next Canadian tale from Annie McDonald.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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