Something’s Different~A Review

Something’s Different by Quinn Ivins is definitely a fun read. It’s also one of those novels that will tug at your heartstrings in several different ways.

This is an age-gap, ice-queen romance with an interesting trope; identical twins switching places in the story. This immediately caught my eye since I have two younger brothers who are identical twins, and folks often confused them when they were younger. I could tell them apart, but people who didn’t see them together every day often couldn’t. That’s how I know this idea is possible, and why this tale really caught my interest.

Chloe Taylor convinces her twin Dr. Caitlyn Taylor to take her place at work for a week so Chloe can go visit her boyfriend in Colorado. Chloe works as an assistant to a college president, and switching places means they are both technically breaking the law. Not only could they be arrested, but the college could be in trouble as well. In spite of this, Caitlyn agrees to the switch for five days. When Chloe decides to stay with the boyfriend, things turn really complicated, especially since Caitlyn has become attracted to her sister’s boss, Dr. Ruth Holloway.

Both Ruth and Caitlyn really spoke to my heart. They are likeable characters, even the ice queen Ruth, once you get to know her. The author made them human and relatable. The tale is enjoyable and fairly realistic. There are also enough twists and turns in the plot to keep the story and the romance between Ruth and Caitlyn interesting.

I really enjoyed reading Something’s Different. It is an exceptional romance novel.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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