Christmas Mouse ~ A Review

If you’re looking for something to read that will help you get into the holiday mood, then I’ve found just the book for you. Christmas Mouse by Rachel Spangler is the perfect tale to raise your spirits and create that Christmasy glow.

This story is based on the city mouse/country mouse tale that most of us know from childhood. In this narrative the city mouse is Dr. Bex Leone of New York City, and the country mouse is Ava Collins, a small town woodworker from Vermont. The two meet Thanksgiving Day when a fellow doctor and friend convinces Bex to join his family in Vermont for Thanksgiving dinner. Bex and Ava make a bet about who has the best Christmas experience…Bex in New York City or Ava in the Vermont countryside. The two agree to spend a portion of their holiday together in Vermont and New York to decide the bet, but will they find something more than just the holiday spirit?

This is a beautiful, heartwarming, and uplifting narrative that could make even Ebenezer Scrooge smile. The characters both main and secondary are well developed and loveable. The settings, which are obviously very important in this book, are well described. I now want to spend some of my winter holiday time in both New York and Vermont. The budding romance between Ava and Bex will melt your heart just like the ones in those Hallmark movies, only with two beautiful ladies.

Christmas Mouse really is a great holiday read. I recommend it to all romance lovers, and especially to all the Grinches out there. You can buy a copy at Bella Books

I received an ARC for an honest review.


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