Love and Lattes ~ A Review

3.5 stars, but I didn’t want to slice a star!

Love and Lattes is a new contemporary, friends-to-lovers romance by Karis Walsh. It’s one of those gentle, easy to read love stories that I like to read when I need to relax.

Bonnie James has taken her love of cats, good food, and a desire to help her community, and made a not so profitable cat café. She works long hours for very little money, but the rescue cats get a chance to find their forever homes, and the town has a cat café with good food and coffee. Taryn Ritter is a wedding planner whose company specializes in unusual weddings in quirky places. The two women meet when the mayor of Bonnie’s town asks Taryn to set up his wedding in Bonnie’s cat café. Things become complicated when Bonnie isn’t thrilled with the idea.

The premise of the book is really good. The stars of this tale are the cats, of course. Twenty-four plus bundles of fur, energy and love will always steal the show. The romance between Taryn and Bonnie is very much a slow-burn love story.

I did have some problems with their romance. I couldn’t see much chemistry between the two, not until near the end of the book anyway. For most of the narrative, it looked like the only thing they might become would be casual friends.

I did enjoy reading the overall novel, but I have to admit, it was for the cats as much as the humans. I recommend this book to cat lovers, as well as those who love slow-burn, gentle romances.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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