Sweete and Sinn ~ A Review

Sweete & Sinn by Char Dafoe is a great read, especially for those of you who enjoy their romances with a butch/femme pairing. This is definitely an entertaining and enjoyable novel.

Audrey Sinn has recently moved into town with her young niece that she’s just gotten custody of. When her car breaks down just a short walk from a mechanic’s shop, Audrey gets help from the owner, a handsome butch named Jamie Sweete. There is an immediate attraction between the two. There’s also a lot in both their lives that could keep them apart. Jamie’s past and present home life is abysmal, making her feel less than deserving of someone as classy as Audrey. After suddenly becoming basically a single parent in a new town with a new job, Audrey is feeling overwhelmed and unsure of her life and circumstances.

The story is set in Devon, Alberta (Oh Canada!) and is well described. The characters really make this tale something special, particularly Jamie. The more I learned about her background, the more I connected with, and really fell for, her character. I enjoyed watching the two slowly work together to form a true relationship. That was very heartwarming.

I do need to mention there is some discussion of attempted rape in the book for those of you who might have a problem with the subject.

This novel, and the characters, really grabbed my heart. If you love opposites attract, butch/femme stories, you want to read this book.

I received an ARC from the author for an honest review. You can get a copy at Amazon


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