Primal Touch – A Review



Primal Touch by Amber Jacobs is an enjoyable, sometimes almost fantastical tale about a wildlife photographer named Ashley Richards who has come to the jungle in India hoping to photograph a rare white tiger in the wild. Instead of the white tiger, though, she meets Leandra Thornton, a wild and dangerous woman with a dark past, who has been living with and protecting the wild tigers in the jungle. This meeting leads to many dangerous and exciting adventures that will keep you reading until the end of the story.

I really liked this book. I enjoyed reading it and I’m very glad I chose this tale. The characters are interesting, the setting is fantastic and the story line is intriguing. There is a lot of chemistry between the two main characters which is a must for me to enjoy the story. You kind of have to suspend your disbelief in a few places in the tale, but that was not a problem with this story line.

The end of the story leaves several loose ends. It’s almost an open ending, so I’m hoping that the author may be planning a sequel. If she does write one, I will certainly pick it up. I would love to read more of this tale.

I can absolutely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good action adventure romance. Primal Touch is definitely worth reading.


I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.





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