Strings Attached – A Review



Strings Attached by Holly Stratimore is a contemporary romance about two women who meet in a music store. Drew McNally is the daughter of the store’s owner. She is an extremely talented musician, but wants nothing to do with anyone in the entertainment business, especially if they are famous. She tells herself she is happy giving music lessons and helping run the store. Nikki Razor is the lead singer in the famous rock group Passion Play. She has found her fame and fortune, but now realizes that it isn’t enough without someone to love and share it with her. The attraction between the two is immediate, but there are many hurdles they must overcome before they can be together as a couple.


I enjoyed the story for the most part. The idea of the story is good for these characters, both of whom are well-developed. The conflict that both characters endure is believable as well. Both characters had to overcome past prejudices and mature before they could become a couple. My only real problem with the story is that it took so long for them to get past the angst. The push/pull between the two characters lasted way too long in the story. I was actually getting angry at Drew after a while. It was beginning to affect my enjoyment of the story. Other than that, I really did like this story and recommend it to anyone who loves a romance with a lot of emotional conflict.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.





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