Write Your Own Script ~ A Review




I really enjoyed reading Write Your Own Script by A.L Brooks. This is a contemporary romance about two women in their late forties and early fifties; both of them successful in their own lives, and both going through a crisis of sorts. British actress Tamsyn Harris, at fifty-two has reached that awful time in her career, often called the dead zone, when she is no longer being automatically offered the starring roles often given to younger actresses, but is not old enough to get the equally big roles for more mature celebrities. She feels she has to work twice as hard just to keep to the job level she is used to. She must also keep secret the fact that she is a lesbian, a truth she has managed to hide for over thirty years. Maggie Cooper is an award winning author battling a major case of burn out. Both women decide to take a few weeks vacation in a secluded area to regroup and think through their problems. What they end up finding is each other.

Both characters are very well written. They both feel real. You can see they are mature and successful in their lives. You can see their good points and their faults. I really like reading about characters that are not perfect. In fact, there were several places in the book where I wanted to just smack Tamsyn upside the head and tell her to open her eyes and see what she was doing.

I also like how the author wrote this book in two parts.  The first part deals with the characters when they were in their retreat, and the second part of the novel takes place after they both return to their “real” lives. Each part has a different feel to it, and both parts complement each other. It was the perfect way to handle this story.

If you love a good romance with strong, mature characters, you will want to read this story.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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