Chasing Sunset~A Review



There is something about Missouri Vaun’s writing that I just love. It may be because we both have Southern roots and that shows up sometimes in her writing through her word choices as well as the settings of her books. It also could be because she is such a great author. Probably both reasons.

Whatever the reason, Chasing Sunset, her latest novel, gave me that feel-good feeling as soon as I began to read. The story is set in Georgia at the beginning of the story, partly in Atlanta and also in a small community just north of Atlanta in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is the tale of Iris Fleming and Taylor Finn. Iris is an actor from L.A. She is heading to Atlanta to read for a possible role in a new television series. Her day begins badly with her plane almost crashing on landing and escalates when the series director makes a pass at her. Finn lives in Watts Mountain, a small community north of Atlanta and drives a limo for a living, at least until she leaves one of her riders stranded on the side of the road for making a drunken pass at his date in the back of the limo. Her dream job though is to become a stunt car driver in the movie industry. Iris and Finn’s first meeting is less than ideal since it comes at the end of a bad day for both, but fate seems to keep throwing them together. There is undeniable attraction between the two, but their lives are so different, and they live so far apart.

This is a lovely summer romance. It has all the elements that you want in this type of novel; beautiful characters, great chemistry, lovely settings, and best of all, a nostalgic road trip across the country. I really enjoyed the road trip. That part was especially well-written. The story itself is sweet with a little angst and a lot of steamy romance. If you enjoy a good summer romance, try this book.


I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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